For decades the “Middle East and North Africa” has enjoyed stable economic growth hand in hand with the boom in the construction industry. Right from the start the Actros was an important motor for this progress which called for robustness, quality and functionality under extreme conditions. So the task in 2015 was to strengthen these attributes in the new Actros and to thus extend its life cycle.


The core concept was the idea to actually design and equip the Actros for the demanding requirements of the region and of the users on the spot. So DGM created a campaign based on the simple but impressive claim: The Actros. Made for ME. Here “ME” stand not only for the customer but also as an abbreviation for the Middle East region. Consequently the vehicle illustrated was shown with the flags of the corresponding countries, and important customers were used as testimonials.


  • Development and implementation of Actros Truck Branding with market-specific adaptations
  • Dealers in the region were supplied with Actros toolkits to present the campaign
  • Production of launch advertisements and point-of-sale materials (posters, roll-up, billboards)