The Diesel Systems Division at Bosch develops, manufactures and applies diesel systems which contribute toward making vehicles more efficient and more economical. Since 2015 we have supported the Division in evaluating their press activities and, with the help of the social media-monitoring tool Brandwatch, in collecting and evaluating the general mood surrounding the topic of “diesels”.


What is the media reporting about diesels or mobility in general? How successful was the latest press release that was sent out? Is the public even faintly aware of the latest innovation? Question after question – but with the right tool it is not all that difficult to find the right answers. One gets a considerably clearer view via systematic media screening, both online, on classic news pages, as well as in forums and the various social-media channels (Facebook, Instagram etc.). Working with our client we defined the search terms and, on the basis of them, produced the query. The incoming reports were sifted and evaluated on a daily basis before being collated in a report. This report helped the department to adapt its communication accordingly and to react to the momentary mood.

These reports provide the decision makers with more time for their own actual work, giving them at the same time the certainty that they are always abreast of current topics.


  • Daily media screening and reporting
  • Ad-hoc notifications when peaks occur
  • Reliable mood picture via media coverage