As the biggest IT system house in Germany, Bechtle would particularly like, alongside its direct sales of IT products, to strengthen its IT service and advisory approach for customers. For this purpose Bechtle employs certified IT business architects. These experts are the first to open up to customers a holistic view of their IT, making this analysis visible by a new product: the IT map. Thanks to the Bechtle IT map, the often extremely complicated IT networking of a company can be recorded. Solutions for future problems can be developed before they turn into real problems. DGM has mapped out the customer benefits offered by the IT architects in an animated film that is as entertaining as it is informative.


In order to enable the IT architects to sell their services effectively through the 60 Bechtle system houses, DGM produced a modern and attractive animated film which is used at presentations and talks, on the web and in the system house itself. DGM took over every step: from the conception via the design right up to working out the contents required for programming the animation. The creation of the storyboard, the spoken text and the overall look were matched to the contents to be put across in close co-operation with the customer.


  • Design of a modern and optically young “eye-catcher”
  • Strengthened positioning of Bechtle as a problem-solver
  • Successful start for the “IT architects”