Like many other agencies, DGM also cherishes and nurtures its table-soccer culture. Regular supra-departmental games take place at our soccer table and once a year we hold a small tournament. But who actually wins the most games? Who scores the most goals? Questions like these gave birth to the idea of developing a kicker app with which the games could be recorded and corresponding statistics produced.


In order to find a solution in which as many colleagues as possible can participate, we decided against a native app and, instead, put our money on a solution based on AngularJS and Cordova. So the app functions independently of whether the smart-phone’s operating system is based on iOS or Android.

In addition there are server components (Java, Spring Boot) which manage the games, calculate the statistics and make them available to every user. Every player who has installed the app can book a place at any registered soccer table and join a game. It is also possible to add new tables in the area so that the number of tables and players is constantly on the increase.


  • KickIn website
  • KickIn app is available free at the Apple Store and at the Google Play Store: