The GEDORE tool factory manufactures hand tools that are sold worldwide. One of its most successful products is “Lösomat”, a cordless torque wrench for railway-track and point maintenance which generates an enormous torque. Its great advantage: it is comparatively small and light and can be used without loss of performance and without generating exhaust gases – in short: a genuine innovation. The only thing missing was a low-budget yet high-quality animated sequence that explains the product and describes what benefits it can realize.


The concept and content of the product “Lösomat”, completely composed and visualized in 3D, were presented in two sections in the video or the animated sequence: image and features in the first part, handling in the second. Accordingly, the first part is kept emotional and promotional (it puts all the advantages of the Lösomat in the limelight), the second part provides factual explanations (here the function of the wrench is explained and its use in practice is demonstrated).

After the conception and planning of the contents (storyboard) the structure and dramaturgy were produced in cinema 4D and implemented with special effects and sound in postproduction with after effects.


  • Supply of two full HD videos that make a high-quality impression
  • Wide range of uses (e.g. as a YouTube video or for sales presentations etc.)
  • Supply of all individual images from the video for use in other media (resolution 16 x 10 cm)