Mercedes-Benz Uptime is a service innovation for transport companies. Using intelligent networking, the vehicle’s status and systems are checked in real time and displayed on the Mercedes-Benz Uptime Customer Portal. Should anything out of the ordinary occur, recommendations for action are passed on to the fleet manager, repair workshop or service partner. This makes it easier to plan downtimes for repairs and improves vehicle availability.


We have implemented the online presence for Mercedes-Benz Uptime in 19 languages including German, English, French, Italian, Swedish, Finnish and Romanian. As well as product information and attractive videos there is country-specific contract information plus exciting reports based on experiences. A dealer search facility enables a driver to locate and get in touch with a local contact direct.

Linked to the website is a demo version of the Mercedes-Benz Uptime Customer Portal. In the style of the real-time system, examples of fleet data are stored here together with sketches of a variety of fault scenarios. A potential customer thus gets a feeling for the product and its usefulness for his or her own fleet.


  • Product website for Mercedes-Benz Uptime
  • 19 languages available
  • General product information, videos, experience reports, dealer search for direct contact inquiries
  • Search-engine optimization and regular reporting of tracking data
  • Design of various print products
  • Layout of a truck tarpaulin for an international press image
  • Various posters for an international press image
  • Flyer to guide product activation
  • Truck sticker featuring product
  • Programming a demo version of the Mercedes-Benz Uptime Customer Portal
Mercedes-Benz Uptime Website Webspecial