Metroplex is a task-administration tool tailor-made for our agency. With its help, tasks can be generated in the form of tickets and allocated to a responsible person. Costs, deadlines and additional information can be easily supplemented or linked. So everyone has an overview of outstanding topics as well as capacities and their status. As a mini-tool, Metroplex is as lean as it is effective and can be individually extended as required.

In order better to organize and structure the many day-to-day tasks facing an agency we began, some time ago, to look for a suitable task-administration tool. Having tried out several without finding one which matched our requirements, DGM decided to develop a tool of its own: Metroplex. With this tool we today administer all tasks which present themselves and organize who does what when.


Our target was clear and straightforward: the tool should be as simple to use as possible. It should also be clearly arranged and capable of expansion. In addition it would have to be able to be integrated into our existing system landscape via single sign-on and permit the recording of time worked direct on the tickets. The tool was implemented by our development department as a web application – mainly by means of Java (Spring, Hibernate) and Javascript (AngularJS).


Metroplex has meanwhile become an established tool in our agency, used for controlling, administering and documenting tasks. In every ticket the project concerned is deposited, and as Metroplex is linked to our application for recording time worked, our staff can register the time they spend straight on the ticket.

In addition, the introduction of Metroplex has considerably increased transparency, created a platform that is easy to use, reduced organizational expenditure, simplified the take-over of tasks by stand-ins – yet another step forward in the digitalization of the agency.